100 Best Milestones You Should Not Overlook

People and Globe

As an economics major, logistics, strategy and mathematics is still my wheelhouse. I am always calculating or formulating ideas and thoughts not with a cold and callous approach, but with a clear objective in what I am trying to accomplish.

So, I was interested one day in a random thought of the number 100. Mysterious yet ultimately apparent, 100 has several connotations depending of the line of strategy.

For example, certainly, we can lineup

  • the top 100 best app or
  • 100 best movies or
  • 100 best musics or

anything else to show our readers with the individual person is thinking that day. However, it lacks the ever-changing dynamic of probability and change (AKA, the 100 always moves willy-nilly,)  which is so important, especially, in business and sales.

Approach to a Milestone
Instead, I always have the approach to a milestone, rather than an open and shut case of the 100 whatever it is. Standpoints like

  • 100 new accounts in one’s job with an eye of the next hundred in the horizon
  • Obtaining 100 sales in x month(s) for operational revenues in one’s field, then stretch further
  • Connecting and nurturing 100 referrals in one’s business for stability, trust and friendship;  to expand that influence to include more people in the future

100 is not a finale to close off potential obstacles, but rather, to a stepping stone to achieve more which is very exciting. Accomplishments with tangible successes and to strive even further is our desire for productivity and commitment. It’s what we crave consistently.

Like I said, random thoughts.


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