Why Sales Will Make You Question Everything


Is it possible? Has all of the planets aligned in perfect harmony for your business we close the week?

Let’s see:

  • Did all of your prospects return your call, (which is a feet to begin with,) and actually suggested that they even need more services than first anticipated?
  • Did you make a presentation that was so outstanding that not only did you win the bid, but that the CEO wants to call his “buddies” to urge them to make appointments for more business to you?
  • Did you take some time to just exhale and concentrate on anything other then work even for 30 minutes during your busy schedule?
  • Did you learn an asset that was extraordinarily important in your line of business? Did you write it down and you actually told other people in your firm why it was so decisive?

Well now, do you think this a façade or reality is you close another week, mmm?

You pick…


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