How Sales is Like Your First Cup of Coffee


Ah, the smell of coffee. Fresh, invigorating, tantalizing and full of flavor.

Sugar or Cream
Poring over an article on “Coffee Drinking Statistics” by, I mind-boggling regarding some of the figures regarding the “cup of Joe.”

Facts like:

  • 68% – Total percentage of coffee drinkers who have a cup within the first hour of waking up
  • 65% – Total percentage of coffee consumption that takes place during breakfast hours
  • 100 million – Total number of U.S. daily coffee drinkers
  • 24% – Total percentage of coffee drinkers who drink 13 or more cups of coffee each week
  • 60% – Total amount of U.S. coffee drinkers who claim to need a cup of coffee to start their day
  • 18 billion – Total amount of yearly money spent on specialty coffee in the U.S.

Old Percolator
Another fun fact: I tried coffee twice in my life; (that’s it,) and it was terrible both times. Just the taste of coffee is too bitter and acerbic that I never got the swing of it.

But, like an old percolator, dripping and gurgling away to perfection, I thought about other aspects that need an acquired taste and a strong backbone. And to my surprise, one of the areas was salesmanship.

“Sweet Spot”
Yup; whether it is sales or prospecting, there were definitely some connections of how we interact and the “sweet spot” that are remarkable. Elements like to

  • Simmer it: especially if you were just beginning in sales, there wa learning curve that everyone has to adjust. But, if we are passionate, persistent and have an open mind to what we were trying to accomplish, that eventually, that simmering will start to boil.
  • Savor it: embrace the whole concept of the leadership, responsibility and accountability every day when we are in sales. It’s almost hypnotic…
  • Sip it: whether it’s a wonderful presentation, an awesome sales because we knew all of the angles, a referral that leads to more business and opportunities, we can enjoy the palatableness in every morsel.

So, when most people are getting their second cup of coffee, remember to drink, both literally and figuratively, with vigor and enthusiastic in our enterprise. As T. S. Eliot once said, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

True indeed.


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