8 Responsive Requests about Surging Salesmanship

Ferris Bueller

High school people are very inquisitive if you ask the right questions.

When I was invited to come and speak to several different classes about my experience in sales and how it related to “the real world,” (erie, isn’t it?,) I was honored.

So there I was, like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” trying to agitate and involve the throng (in my own inimitable style,) about the upswing on influence and responsibility of salesmanship.

What I landed was eight points about being upfront and honest in one working environment whether one is a salesman or in any line of business. This included:

  1. Networking: Building relationships the old-fashioned way by education, trust and the “little things” (birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc.) In this way, networking is the best way to create long-standing bonds and confidence.
  2. Consistency: All of us are going to have ups and downs in business. However, is one person going to mope and cry when something goes awry or try again in earnest? Two words: practice and resilience.
  3. Loyalty: In the world the hustle-bustle activity and short attention span, being loyal to your colleagues and believe in your vision is imperative.
  4. Tenacity: If an individual most famous talent disappears completely, how would one adapt and shine to achieve new heights? Adaptability and change of direction is inherent.
  5. Determination: How failing turns into eventual success, slowly, is a skill that most people can’t grasp. Yet, in the working world, it’s fundamental.
  6. Curiosity: Don’t be in a rut; curiosity and risk, sometimes, are a very good elements to achieve strategic advantage.
  7. Courageous: Stand tall and proud for one cause whether it is personal or professional; in other words, don’t be one of the masses.
  8. Leadership: Talking vs. doing: How leaders “roll up their sleeves” to accomplish results effectively.

At the end of my talk, I thanked the teacher, the students, and certainly, wanted to ask if there was any questions.

To my surprise, everyone raise their hands… Their future, happily, is very bright indeed.


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