Huzzah! Revolution of Customer Service


Almost every single week, I watched a lively show called, “FOX News Insiders.” These reporters have “no beef” with their Republican or Democrat alike in raising insightful analysis over the last seven days.

What was fascinating is, in all three pundits, they all agreed that there is a “revolution” in politics. They think that the outsiders have a fighting chance with the establishment regarding both presidential campaigns.

Enlightening. Then, I thought of other shifts that i have seen recently. For example, customer service.

The Old
For years, at least in my opinion, customer service was abomination and a joke. We have all seen the same aspects, don’t we?

Customer service representatives of old:

  • are under trained
  • poorly knowledgeable
  • rude
  • crude and
  • didn’t really care about our problems or questions

We all have felt, from time to time, a stinging realization that having customer service was actually worse, not better, and fixing the issue.

The New
But, (and it’s a big but,) customer service is also having a “revolution,” too.

These new customer service individuals are attentive, listen well and ask pertinent questions. They are cheery, calm and (can I say,) personable. Most of all, they have real results of the issue at hand of our problem which is so much more pleasant than years ago.

Another example of how to change for the better if someone has their back to it.



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