4 Indispensable Thoughts about Blogging

Happy Sad Mirror Reflections

An old friend was talking to me today about giving up my blog completely. He was pontificating, in steady and careful words that, in his opinion, my blog was very difficult for me, not only because of aphasia, a language disorder that affects the processing of my brain after my stroke, but took an enormous amount, (literacy hours upon hours,) for what?

As he continued, he also indicated that my post, (even though it’s enjoyable,) have so few readers. He even indicated how much the World Wide Web and blogging have increased dramatically and how every day millions of people are writing notes and describing so trivial that it is sometimes too hard to bear.

He concluded, my treasured friend, that maybe I would be able to do something else with my energy and forget about this blog forever more.

I thought about that for a very long time and, eventually, turned away from the mirror and said, “Not yet.”

I know I make mistakes. I know that it takes sometimes an eternity to write a couple of words. I know that it is quite troublesome to connect and attract new people to my post; got it.

But is that what I am doing this for. At the end of the day, whether it is you or me, we can

  • touch one person
  • be insightful of our post to inspire others
  • transform one thought that leads to action
  • create some comic relief

then it’s all worthwhile.

Enough said. Next topic…


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