3 Cases for You to Feel Proud


In the previous post titled, “5 Examples to Heat Up Your Heart by Networking,” I have been in civic organizations for over 20 years. I am a Kiwanian and our club, Lost Mountain Kiwanis, is a dynamic service organization with the friendship that I enjoyed tremendously.

Several days ago, in Columbus, Georgia, I attended the 96th Annual Georgia District Kiwanis Convention, a bustling representatives from Kiwanis International bigwigs and the best and committed to volunteering across the state. Because this is my first time for this event, I was nervous, but excited.

Go for the Gold
Fortunately, as in all conventions, there is some friendly competition of service projects, communications and other certificates, ribbons and awards of the best clubs for that year.

Because it is my nature, (and I am a geek, besides,) I am in charge of our club bulletin and website. I enjoyed piddling around, so to speak. I create fresh information about our club and Kiwanis predominantly with education and humor abound, but also to entice new prospective participants, too.

To my surprise, Lost Mountain Kiwanis was awarded the Georgia District of Kiwanis Website Award. Obviously, LMK was thrilled and I got honored, but also very humbled, of this accomplishment.

Feel Proud
When the excitement subsided, I had a quick thought that some people don’t appreciate accolades because they are so busy with the next event. If we can’t go back and look at our “shining light”, in the world becomes a little bit more dull and hollow, don’t you think?

In particular, we can feel:

  • The invigorating atmosphere in our professional and personal life
  • The satisfaction and gratifying of a project or activity that was just so right
  • The momentum flowing, with thoughts of admiration and tenderness so consistent

Show your proud of what you do each and every day; it sticks to your ribs for a lifetime…


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