Solving Is Like Tying Your Shoes

Tying Shoes

How do you tie your shoes? Really; here are the steps involved:

  1. Hold one end of each shoelace in each hand.
  2. Cross them, making an X
  3. Pass one end of the shoelace under the other
  4. Pull tight
  5. Fold one shoelace in half while holding laces taut
  6. Wrap the other end around the folded end
  7. Grasp it in the middle after pulling it around the folded end
  8. Bend it into a flat loop and pull through, making a bow
  9. Repeat with other shoe

(Thank you, Yahoo.)

Ah, but what if you are disabled and one side does not work, em? Well, for me, this was very hard indeed.

I remember, when I first suffered my stroke, the occupational therapist showed me how to tie my shoelaces using one hand only. Now again, in the back of my mind, I thought, “I can do this if I put my mind to it to tie my shoes,” but unfortunately, it was very difficult to accomplish that feat.

But like a good Boy Scout, I tried my hardest to accomplish that simple request. To my surprise, after years of practice, I accomplished my mission. It was not perfect, because my right fingers was not capable of tying a bow together tightly, but it was definitely a start.

In this way, we all have problems that we can’t figure out (yet,) issues that we can’t solve (yet,) or achievements that we can’t comprehend (yet.)

To be malleable to any perceived problem; to mold and modify at a moments notice is qualities palpable and always of reach in our viewpoint.


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