4 Outstanding Relationships To Empower You Beyond Compare

As an entrepreneur, I encounter strong relationship individuals often. More than that, I am struck by the fabric of some people that are so resistant and upbeat on life. Their quest to be forthright and honest is superb. In fact, their outlook is almost unbreakable. For this reason, I present one colleague that is been my friend for years as an example. As a matter of fact, this person is a little bit of a twist to boot.  I think toward the end, (if you will indulge me for a few seconds,) you will understand several nuggets of the relationships that will be beneficial to empower you.

Relationships: Qualities of a Loyal Person

In any conversation dealing with customers or prospects in any strive, there are keys of involvement that are crucial. This character that I am speaking of possessed numerous qualities that are second to none. In the long run, some of the traits this person acquired included:


Like radar, this person is careful of not only one’s self but also their worker followers, customers and prospective clients as well. In this person’s eye, focus on attentive reasons like courteous and thoughtful of others are the norm.


Responsibility is not a lazy request. Instead, it is a noble demand akin to action. In other words, my friend seizes the moment with relish. At times, this chum will complete the objective beyond the call of duty.


With a can-do attitude, this buddy doesn’t quit no matter what. Furthermore, a determination is this individual’s middle name with moxie. Indeed, positive energy and prompt decision to any project both large or small are remarkable.


Reliable and true, this fever pitch is upright to a T. In fact, almost fiery, this person always listens intently. To put it differently, their acts in moments notice to respond to any situation.

A trusted friend through and through.

A Piece of Scrap?

Obviously, I am talking about Izzy, who was my 9 pound Australian Terrier dog, steadfastly beyond compare. Now passed away, she was just waiting for the right opportunity to pounce the competition. Eventually, she obtained her reward, a piece of scrap, so to speak.

So, even though we are human, maybe we need to refine the same characteristics just described. Maybe we will reach our ambitions in our relationship, too?

Surprisingly, if we are adapted to our approach I just described in our relationships going further, the final breakdown will be quite fantastic.



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  1. Hi, herb. I commented on your post on the young stroke survivor website. I used to have aphasia as well.

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