How Tom Brady Makes You Crazy


Revelation the shock the world: Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, is suspended for 4 games because of “Deflatgate.”

Twitter and Facebook were all a flutter about the story. Television and sports radio stations were both aghast and delighted. The newspapers definitely pontificate about opinions on the “Golden Boy.”

Every watering hole in every office building all across the United States were buzzing about the end result of this continuing saga. It sucked the atmosphere completely dry because people were riveted on the decision.

But, if we stop for a minute, this is crazy. Triviality seems like the norm, (unfortunately,) and we eluded the real purpose of what we are all meant to be, whether it’s business or recreation.

Our sensation of frivolity will eventually fade away, but our true resolve of character are so much more satisfying in the long run.


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