Whiz-Kids on Steroids… Oh No!


Encyclopedia Britannica. Whiz-kid. All seen, all-knowing, 24 hours a day human being. A phenom.

Sort of…

You have encounter this person before and you probably didn’t realize it… or maybe you have.

Look at the criteria:

  • Brazen (like over-the-top bold)
  • Brash (like almost in our face kind of bravado)
  • Talks a mile a minute

This individual suddenly appears in grasps on every scrap of information, even the trivia, that he or she has to be correct even if we are in the right; there is no doubt for this chap with no wiggle room at all.

Got the picture?

Indubitably, we dealt with these renegades before. Let them go. Comprehend that for us true communications suggests we need to bring strong dialogue of understanding and productivity. In this way, we can connect to the ultimate goals of trust and respect, not fancy one upmanship and gloating.


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