Why Quiet Time Equals Results

No Talking

Best Buy is one of my favorite stores because they always have the latest edge on technology and gadgets. I can always look at ideas and innovations from one store which is very neat.

The one bug is that it’s very, very noisy. There is music blaring, thousands of televisions “on” with the volume at “11” (if you haven’t seen Spinal Tap, it’s a hoot,) several live presentations shouting; it’s quite an event, but sometimes I must have two Tylenol at the end of the day to release my aching headache.

And I guess, in some senses, that is my message in a bottle…

Top 10 Reasons to Change Your Perspective About… Rejoice (a continuation of my feature, Positively Persistent… What a Concept!)

10. Not a pity party; volunteering, civic organizations, hobbies
9. Technology
8. Be adaptable
7. Be animated
6. Be proud
5. Show your muscles
4. Practice, practice and more practice
3. Lighten up; humor
2. No distractions, no interruptions, no matter what
1. “If you make a mistake, then you make a mistake.”

Positively persistence implies quiet time plus productive productivity equals real results. Understand that everyone has to have a break and think internally with no distractions, no interruptions, no matter what. Don’t be isolated, but be introspective to one’s thought process from time to time and then use our communication more forcefully.

To possess our own style and approach of our thoughts and sensations is, at the end of the day, an ultimately human direction.


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