Unraveling the Knot

Marx Brother

Let’s get silly…

Top 10 Reasons to Change Your Perspective About… Rejoice (a continuation of my feature, Positively Persistent… What a Concept!)

10. Not a pity party; volunteering, civic organizations, hobbies
9. Technology
8. Be adaptable
7. Be animated
6. Be proud
5. Show your muscles
4. Practice, practice and more practice
3. Lighten up; humor
2. No distractions, no interruptions, no matter what
1. “If you make a mistake, then you make a mistake.”

Who’s your favorite comedian? Groucho Marx? Milton Berle? Rodney Dangerfield? Lucille Ball? Robin Williams? Billy Crystal? Joan Rivers? Eddie Murphy? Whoopi Goldberg? Jerry Seinfeld?

The list goes on, and on, and on.

Positively persistent means to laugh, to giggle, to chuckle for a state of mind. If we are glum and upset because of any situation, (especially in business,) then we will stay glum and upset because were not trying to solve the problem; as a matter of fact, we are probably exacerbating the issue.

So instead, be positive, upbeat and change our fortune with laughter. It is so much easier to have a fresh perspective to “unravel the knot.”



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