Positively Persistent – What a Concept!

Top 10 List

It’s funny because, several weeks ago, when I was watching the final show of “Late Show with David Letterman,” one of the shtick that he always did for over 30 years was the Top 10 countdown. It was pithy; it was sarcastic; it was awesome!

In that sense, to admire the style of Mr. Letterman, I decided to have my own Top 10 list while I was performing a presentation to an audience in my old stomping ground in Fort Lauderdale.

My speech was titled, “Positively Persistent – What a Concept!” talking about being optimistic, with renewed enthusiasm and “beating the odds” the matter what the cost. Therefore, I am honored to share this top 10 to you.

Drumroll, please…

Top 10 Reasons to Change Your Perspective About…

10. Not a pity party; volunteering, civic organizations, hobbies
9. Technology
8. Be adaptable
7. Be animated
6. Be proud
5. Show your muscles
4. Practice, practice and more practice
3. Lighten up; humor
2. No distractions, no interruptions, no matter what
1. “If you make a mistake, then you make a mistake.”

Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? Then, definitely come back next time to unravel the explanations regarding my Top 10 reasons…


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