Optimize Your Connections: An Example


Absolutely marvelous at how connections using social media and blogging are so apparent in the 21st-century.

To whit, several days ago, when I was publishing one of my posts, I got a connection of a gentleman, Kevin Dinstell from Health Stories Project, who was very complementary on my approach on my blog. He was especially interested in having my story on his blog about my experiences. As Mr. Dinstell indicated, “Health Stories Project gives people you never know le a place to share their personal health experiences and to learn from the experiences of others.”

So, with two of his colleagues writing the article, titled Have a Word with Herb about Aphasia Awareness it was “put to bed” and issued several days ago. (By the way, thank you very much to Sally Collins, Diana Xin and Mr. Dinstell for all of your hard work and dedication; find work indeed!)

But more than that, is the lightning fast efficiency of blogging and social media. Certainly, in less than a second, not only can you, the reader, read that article, but different question suddenly appear in your brain to learn more about aphasia, strokes, support and research, support groups… the list of what you can do is mind-boggling, isn’t it?

What can you uncover to make connections in your line of work or hobby, too? The sequence is waiting for you; let’s connect, shall we?


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