This is Not Rocket Science…


For my blog, one question was to ponder whether I should open my readers to comments or not. I considered both alternatives and decided to let the open conversation and discussions flow for all of you. In that way, we challenge ourselves to enlighten and enjoy our point of view.

Maybe, if I have millions and millions of subscribers to my readership, then maybe I could be persuaded otherwise, but I think at this time, I am very comfortable opening up to everyone to debate my posts.

Next Caller
So, last week, when I wrote a post titled, “Difference Between a Joker and a Champion,” certainly, several people commented, and, fortunately, very complementary (which I appreciate.) One of the dialogues bantered about was my communication, specifically, in particular, aphasia, a language disorder after my stroke. As the Mayo Clinic describes,

“Aphasia as a condition that robs you of the ability to communicate. Aphasia can affect your ability to express and understand language, both verbal and written.”

Thought-provoking, I responded the following:

“In some senses, aphasia is a morpheus being; it molds me, shapes me, corrects me and is always both challenging and forgiving (which I appreciate quite a bit.) But at the end of the day, if I am positive and optimistic about objectives living with aphasia, I can achieve almost anything.”

Resolve and Grit
To wit, I have a long hard struggles dealing with the nuances of aphasia and the consequences of it, but I have the resolve, grit and determination to achieve my objectives the best I can do.

And I am not finished yet. My quest for more knowledge and enlightenment keeps me focus regarding my speech. My success with my communications is apparent and I mean that wholeheartedly: I am thirsty and ravage to accomplish even more outcomes.

This is Not Rocket Science
For all the people that have an issue or problem or a conundrum or a headache or an anything else in your own noggin, enough.

In my opinion, and only my opinion, problems are dealt with sizable and effective goals that is both realistic and visionary all at the same time. As I always say, this is not rocket science; perseverance, practice and the ability to understand that life goes on and that everyday is one more joy than the day before is a wonderful concept, isn’t it?

So in conclusion, (especially for those people that have aphasia,) life is a festival! Live life to the fullest and go beyond…

Your comments?



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  1. “Life is a festival” – can I put that on a tshirt? I like your candor, and you’re right, this isn’t rocket science. We all have issues and struggles; it’s our attitude in dealing with them that counts!

  2. I just discovered your blog through this “Not Rocket Science” article and I support your decision and commend you on the quality of your writing. KUTGW!

  3. Sir, Your Blogs are so uplifting and inspireing. I am a caregiver and the other day I had a thought process similar to the process you spoke about here. I thought “all my hopes and dreams are gone and then I thought, ” No, I just exchanged one set of hopes and dreams for another an perhaps more worthy set.” Now I dream of the day My dear Ronnie and I can sit and have a cup of coffee on the front porch and enjoy the early morning peaking out from behind the near hills, Just enjoying each others presence and being thankful for another day to share.

  4. As always your insight into the human condition is spot on. We all have challenges of some sort- big or small. Some definitely bigger. But life does go on- has to go on. I love your turn of phrase- Life is a festival! Definitely, to live it that way would be joy. Thank you

  5. Awesome and inspirational post! Life is a festival.

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