Sparks of Ingenious


Enjoying the warm temperatures and friendly people in South Florida, I am sitting on the bench soaking in the rays. Beautiful!

A far cry from several days ago…

As my nature unfolds, I am an amicable fellow and I like to speak to individuals who I really don’t know, but I always want to find out more about their observations. Their opinions. And eventually, successfully, make a connection that may be very helpful in the future. Even though I am retired, I enjoy doing this I guess both for the challenge and to keep my mind active, if you know what I mean.

However, I met three individuals that were so aggressive, so coldhearted and so ruthless that it was hard to believe. All of them were working for an organization in sales, probably on commission, and they were always on. Always trying to play the odds. Very shallow and very aggressive. Another words, sharks.

They didn’t have the ability of asking questions. Their didn’t probate a little bit more about not only their product, but also what the customer wants and needs. It reminded me of a boiler room in an old movie, Glengarry Glen Ross.

In my world, these Neanderthals are from the stone ages. In today’s society, relationship building, networking and the ability to follow up (which is a lost art,) are crucial for the sparks of ingenious. They don’t understand about the science of finesse.


In your arena, what characteristics are you playing with the art of relationship building?



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  1. Hi Herb. I appreciate your writing. I heard a story the other day, which I believe is related somewhat to this. I heard a guy telling about a project that his wife had asked him to undertake. He describes himself as a guy with the ability to figure things out, but he’s just not the “handyman” type. It’s just not his natural “bent” to easily go after some jobs and easily knock them out.

    This particular task he was facing was that of putting up one of those single pole stationary clothes drying lines in the yard. It’s a sing pole with lines around the top of it that resemble the shape of an umbrella.

    He had the kit, but knew that it would take some figuring out to make it all happen. The one thing that he did not want was for it to be put into the ground and be crooked.

    He said it did a bit of research and looked at videos on Youtube, and finally got all the stuff he needed, and proceeded to put the thing into the ground.

    He said that he used levels and quick-drying concrete and tried to make sure it was straight. He tells that he got up the next morning and the thing was just slightly crooked, but the cement was set, and there it was….a somewhat permanent, slightly crooked, fixture in his yard.

    He said that the slight crookedness was driving him crazy, and he finally said something to his wife about it. She, on the other hand was ecstatic with excitement about having this thin in their yard. She didn’t even really notice the slight crookedness of the thing.

    He then went to say……there are many things in our lives that can drive us crazy and even the fear of it not turning out just right can keep us from attempting to do it.

    He said this, “Things rarely turn out perfectly. Whatever it is, it will rarely come out exactly perfect and just like we want it….but DO IT ANYWAY!”

    I was struck by this….and realized that first of all, this is so very true, and secondly, I realized that I have allowed so many things to go undone in my life simply because I feared that they would not be done perfectly, or that it would be looked upon as a failure by others, or by me.

    I see you, Herb, doing things and going after things…..and “relearning” some things since your experience with the stroke. You inspire me. I guess maybe you have given yourself permission to just be where you are and what you are….and you just go for it. Perhaps fear doesn’t play as big a role in your life now.

    I have allowed fear to be front and center for too much of my life.

    It will be like learning to walk again….but I have to begin to take steps where I have been afraid to venture before. Reading what you write and how you are living your life is helping me to just breathe, and take another step onto paths that don’t have to be perfectly lined and perfectly laid out. If I continue to wait for those perfect paths, then I won’t be making it very far down the pathway at all……..

    thank you for who you are and thank you for venturing out….I’m trying to follow.

    Just wanted you to know. Thanks.

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