Consistency: Tried-and-True, but with Some Derring-Do

Calvin Hobbes Resolutions

And one more notion before I go…

With the holiday season in full swing, (ho! ho! ho!,) I am going to take a break for the rest of the year, AKA, to relax. (Really? Bah humbug!)

Honestly, if I have a couple of seconds (yeah,) I may start mulling and scratching on new posts for 2015. You know,

  • Focusing on areas that are interesting to you (right?)
  • Finding out how I can improve with my subject matter and writing talents
  • Other morsels of insight

Probably even more is to brainstorm on how my blog and the content of the reader is advancing (or retreating, oh no!) as I chug along. 

Resolutions: Stick to the Purpose
It’s funny, because we always talk about resolutions around this time, don’t we? And, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of articles about how you can improve or produce or create something incredible to start the new year with a bang.

As a matter of fact, reading an article “The New Year’s Resolution Formula for Achievement,” Jeffrey Gitomer, Chief Executive Salesman, perused,

“Begin with understanding what got you to this point, and what you’re seeking to accomplish AFTER the first part of the goal is met. THEN, make a plan with the ‘OUTCOME defined,’ not the end in mind.”

But to go even further, how can we stick to these goals, stick to the course, stick to the purpose so that is more everlasting.

Hard, isn’t it?


A Nice Glow
I guess because (including myself,) we lose steam on what’s truly pertinent and permanent all your round, almost like a fireplace that has a nice glow as long as we put more wood every few hours.

So, if I have to put one word to describe my plans for next year, I daresay would be “consistency”; unwavering to my goals. Stay the course, but always keep flowing new ideas. Be tried-and-true, but with some derring-do. Rocksteady, but with a passion and compassion. In other words, be persistent through and through.

Declarations, By Golly!
In particular, here are some of the declarations I am going to do for 2015:

  • Call (not text messaging, email or social media,) friends that I have not seen in years and reconnect
  • Volunteer more
  • Connect and maintain relationships with the leaders of the business, sales, leadership and certainly, the disability community
  • Be more appreciative and tolerant, not, to be honest, perfectionist in my approach
  • Read (for pleasure,) at least half an hour, five days a week (very hard for me, trust me)
  • Laugh even more than before

Certainly, I am handwriting this down and keeping it close so I don’t lose track of my commitment. However, in the back of my head, I will think of the consistent aspect I just described and look back so that I am grounded in my approach all year round.

Like my nickname, Mr. Do It, I am ready for the challenge next year, by golly!

In sure manner, I ask you, what are your goals, either personally or professionally, that are going to be consistent – your “derring-do” – to your plans for 2015?

Enjoy the Holidays!
In any or all cases, I wish you and yours a happy, joyous and healthy holiday season and a jubilant New Year!


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