How to Defeat “Monsters” with Courageousness


An admission: when I was 13 years old in Hollywood, Florida, I was so scared and afraid of a movie because there were (aghast) monsters everywhere.

Monsters, ah!

Sensitive Person
A sensitive person that I am, I hit my shame in earnest because everyone else in the world and seen this movie. I was visibly upset and trying to gear myself into having the courage to sit and watch over two hours of anticipation and apprehension.

The movie: Star Wars.


Believe it.

Even though I was a child, I don’t know if I was timid or unsure of myself, but whatever it was, it was paralyzing. Instead of contemplating different ideas about how I can be better, I was stuck in the sand with no apparent help coming soon.

Maybe I am over exaggerating a little bit, (as I often do,) but at the same time, there was a situation that I had to resolve in my own noggin.

Comfort Zone
Fortunately, like teenagers are, I geared my courage and went to the movies. I was so blown away by the whole experience of this epic saga that I saw “Star Wars” not one, not twice, but five times in two weeks. My fears went away almost immediately. I thought, “Hey! I am enjoying this immensely.” (I know, even when I was a little kid, I still had big words.)

Going further, I noticed the experience of not only the atmosphere, but also that frightening yet exhilarating may occur if I was up to the challenge. In other words, get out of my comfort zone and explore; one may like it.

Bungee Jumping
Now again, I am not going to go bungee jumping or mountain climbing or four-wheel-drive racing anytime soon (of course, if you’d like to, send me pictures, OK.) But literally, there are connections in business or personal aspects regarding “spreading our wings” that are still relevant in today’s context.

In particular, some of the verve certainly could be:

  • Pioneer: in a previous post titled “How to Energize Your Visionary Talents,” I emulate to go beyond the mundane and “think for yourself.” Be adventurous, yet thoughtful. Impulsive, yet constrain. Go to the limits of cleverness with the purpose that is noteworthy and unlimited.
  • Probing: delve in with all the enthusiasm with earnest. Investigate. Be curious. Be critical. Prove to oneself that due diligence and sifting like a hound dog is perpetually the right path to triumph.
  • Pep: stimulating and invigorating. On the far side of cool, one can create almost nirvana with an oomph if one have the drive to success.

Overall, show one’s grit in their commitment to soar to any situation with resolved. Continuously.

Star Wars
It is funny that 38 years later, a new “Star Wars” trek will appear in less than a year. I looked at the trailer for a couple of days ago; lots of sand, that’s for sure. (If you haven’t seen it, here is the link to enjoy for 98 seconds…) Amazing, isn’t it?

Notwithstanding however, I also realize a long time ago that I had an epiphany about being flexible, daring and fearlessness that I will never forget.

What do you do to explore your tough issues? I will forward to your response.


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