How to Energize Your Visionary Talents

Think for Yourself

If you recall had an earlier post, my undergraduate school of the University of Chicago in economics. Steeped in tradition, I was guided by several masters of microeconomics, macroeconomics, history of business and logistics. Additionally, my minor was in mathematics, so I was seeped into a string of geniuses professors in that field as well.

Even though it will almost be 30 years since I graduated (oh, my gosh), I still remember the pace and structure of all of my courses. How the velocity was very difficult, but at the same time, pleasurable. I remember when I was a student, I realized that the pieces of the puzzle were getting clearer and the understanding the material I was studying was now making incredible sense. It was almost like starting in a fog and then, in a blink of an eye, it became crystal clear.

Hesitancy and Unsureness
However, (at least this is what I found out,) as we get older, we approach more complex issues and tricky situations with hesitancy and unsureness. We all try very hard to remember and prepare ourselves just like we were back in school, to use the techniques and cranial of our early days, but for some reason, some people forget all of the knowledge, experience or training. In other words, they procrastinate. They sidestep. They waffle.

One way or another, we experience this don’t we?

Think for Yourself
So, what’s the solution? Believe it or not, I remember a long time ago I had a T-shirt from WXRT-FM Chicago (and originally by the Beatles) that I enjoyed immensely. The words were very simple, “Think for Yourself.”

Expressly, yes, one could read a book on procrastination. Yes, one can be more organized, or more time sensitive or more attuned to what is going on. That would be terrific and a very good suggestion. But, at the end of the day, I consider that everyone has the ability to be visionary, to be critical, to listen, to explore and most importantly, to follow up so that one can be even more of a beacon of imagination. In other words, think for yourself.

Razor’s Edge
So even though I do slip and fall, so to speak, from time to time, I am always my own individual person with my own thoughts, ability and inspiration to in the wrong and focus my attention on my resourcefulness once again.

What do you do to have your “razor’s edge”?


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