Hot! Answers Revealed to 3 Burning Questions on Blogging


Simple, yet direct, a query arises: Why do I do my blog?

Good question, grasshopper. Actually, there are several reasons uncovered around why I decided to dive in and be a blogger. Part of it is:

To Be Unique
To be completely honest, I really didn’t want to do this blog at all at the beginning. I was scared, nervous, afraid and any other words that me can possibly be imagine to starting my site. However (and I don’t want to be presumptuous or little over-the-top,) I wanted to bring a frame of reference on the issues of determination, leadership, communication and humor in my own voice and thoughts.

Why do I say that? I guess in a word: perspective. When I suffered a massive stroke and  lost the ability of my gift, my speech because of aphasia, a language disorder, my whole realm changed instantaneously. (Trust me…) Thus, if I can captivate and inform my posts with relevant observations and one-of-a-kind aspects, the curb appeal was so alluring that I had to start writing; now!

To Be Enjoyable
I will tell you a little secret; my blog is a thrill! It is amazing that my words and concepts about what I want to discuss and participate with all of you (yes, you devil you,) are very neat indeed. Not only can I publish my articles (which, in and of itself, is both heroic and frightening,) but it even gets better.

That’s because, in a flash, I can evaluate regarding what is trending and interesting to my readers. Yup. If one person really savored my particular post, bam, terrific! If one didn’t like it, why? Plus, most importantly, I enjoy the dialogue of sharing back-and-forth continuously. In that way, we are now building relationships of goodwill and interaction as a result of my blog. Presto!

To Be Courageous
Over one year ago, I was intrigued by all of the aspects of social media and especially, the eloquence of Twitter. Reading more about the enticing areas, I went to the bookstore and bought an awesome book called “Tao of Twitter” by Mark Schaefer.  The book deals with the “majestic random synergy” of 140 characters and the interconnections that come with it. Truly fascinating.

Going forward, I subscribed to Mark’s blog, {grow}, which I read religiously. One of the posts that Mark wrote inspired me to no end. The article was titled “Courage and Blogging” and he suggested that:

“Maybe the ‘special something’ of blogging is ‘courage.’ As I think about it, I would definitely point to ‘courage’ as an attribute of some of my favorite bloggers.

If you didn’t have to worry about ‘being liked,’ but focused on ‘being fair,’ how would that affect your approach to creating content?”

Noodling that for a couple of seconds, I asked myself, “Am I courageous?”

And the answer was, “Well, yeah, I am.”

To be focused on what I was trying to do. To accomplish and be unafraid because of my disability. To embrace it.  And, most of all, (here’s a shocker,) to make mistakes is, to be honest, alright. Yes, that’s the human side of my blog and it’s part of me. (Check out “Think of Me as a Poet” for more about this subject and an overview of aphasia by Lingraphica…)

Juices are Flowing
So, in a nutshell, that is why I am now a blogger. The juices are flowing and the ideas are always thinking. Always.

So, I asked you, what was (or going to be) your inspiration for writing your blog? Let’s chat, shall we?



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  1. Thank you, I mean this from my heart. I ponder, I wonder and I fear. Will people care what I blog? Does it matter? How much should I share? Do my words in written form help or hinder?

    Your blog inspires and reassures me, that while all the answers to those questions do matter to a small extent. It’s the passion, its the why that is most important.

    • I am honored by your kind words. You are absolutely right that passion and commitment to what you were trying to accomplish is first and foremost. However, remember also that it is your own personality so enjoy what you were trying to accomplish in your blog. Make it fun. Make it exciting. Make it your own!

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