How To Solve The Biggest (and Smallest) Problems With Passion

Happy Smile

Generally speaking, my karma (most of the time) is calm, comfortable and laid back; at least, now. However, from time to time, to be honest, I am still very agitated about the “little things” in my life; you know, the mundane routine that are performed, but that some people didn’t get the message which burned me.

Call me human nature;  I want to excel on everything all the time to the best of my abilities, (still do!) Although, every so often, other people’s  minuscule minutia is too much to bear. Weird, huh?

Hot List
Even now, to be frank, I will have twinges of frustration. I still get a little bit steamed at sometimes very, very small problems at other individuals. I remember a laundry list of things that really annoyed me to no end including:

  • Using profanity every two seconds
  • Never saying “Thank You” or “Please” ever
  • Weaving in and out with no turn signals while driving
  • Talking on their cellular phone/text message 24 hours a day

What was the rationale behind this crazy idea of changing everyone else? Is it because I wanted to change all the people all the time?


I didn’t realize that I was molded to my own image rather than looking at other people with their feelings and dreams. On the other hand, they had some issues there were so picky that it was more than I can stand. It was a battle between individuality and group thinking that I had to overcome.

Good Deed
Nevertheless, I consider this important point: I look at what I am doing day-to-day with relish. Sure, I have struggles, headaches, pressure points and stress. But, I never understood the exceptional touches of a hug, the good deed or something nice to say to someone else until it’s too late.

Fortunately, (which took a while,) I stopped complaining and realize that life is precious. Even though, from time to time, I am afraid of the consequences; take heart. Be cognizant of the ultimate fact that I have a good heart and mind; I can figure this out – always. There are always possibilities and alternatives that I didn’t even think about yet!

The Force Is With Us
Therefore, I think that everyone has a force, an aura, the driving desire to become more than what we are. Some people will ride a great wave to accomplish their passion and some people will not. We can create, destroy, create again if we had the willpower to do that. We can stop warning about the negatives in our life and grasp the opportunity to achieve anything we want. It is all within our control; it’s all right here in side of us; we just have to come see it, do it.

So I ask you, how do you unlock your “good deed”?



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  1. Hi Herb, I’m not sure how I got on your email list, perhaps we met somewhere in East Cobb. Anyway, I really liked your post. It resonated with something I’m going through. Thanks for sharing.

    • It was my pleasure. We met several times on the telephone when we talked about advocacy for people with disabilities and, specifically, aphasia. Your suggestions at that time were very helpful. I look forward to more conversations in the future…

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